Welcome on board Bloggers and Social Influencers.

We know how hard bloggers work when promoting brands so we want to build stronger relationships with those who do so. We have hand picked a few bloggers and social influencers to represent us as we believe you are best suited to Krystellie and would love for this to be a journey for us both to grow on. We believe in working together, with that we mean all your work will be showcased and credited to you and shared with our followers.

We are offering a 3-month blog programme for each of you, this offers you the chance to feature a new piece of hair every month and the first month you can feature one of our slogan t-shirts to wear while wearing our hair and promoting it. Also you will get a bespoke 20% discount for friends and family to use on our entire range!

We are on the hunt for those who have a Youtube channel or those who are comfortable doing videos on Instagram and Facebook as we believe this is a very interacting way for potential customers to see the product best. If this is something you can offer, then please let us know!

If this sounds up your street and you want to get involved and be a Krystellie Babe, then here are some of our T&Cโ€™s that we ask you follow while working with us for the next 3 months.

Once you receive your item of the month, we require that you feature it on your blog and social media channels within 7 days. If an item is not featured within 14 days then we may have to send you an invoice for the product to be paid for.

Products can be kept after they are featured on your social channels and blog, we must be tagged in each post you upload.

We ask that the photographs or videos are the best quality possible to showcase our brand in the best way.

We look forward to working together, any questions about your samples or anything else please contact [email protected]