Hair Routine For Thin, Fine Hair.

Do you have thin, fine hair?

Then you already know the struggle of having what feels like flat limp strands framing your face. Unfortunately, many of us who struggle with this problem are usually stuck with it either through genetics, or serious hair mistreatment from way back when.

However, having thin, fine hair doesn’t have to be such a pain. Luckily there are a few precautions and hair treatments you can undertake to ensure that you get the most out of your thin and fine hair. You’d be surprised what you can achieve after putting together a solid haircare routine that you follow consistently.

Brushing Your Hair

Thin, fine hair is prone to breakage therefore it’s important that you take extra care when brushing it. Invest in a brush that minimises fuss, breakage and damage like the Tangle Teezer. The Tangle Teezer has two tiers of teeth which makes it a lot easier to run through your hair leaving it detangled, soft and shiny.

It’s also important to remember that thin, fine hair shouldn’t be over-brushed even when using a breakage free brush. When you over brush thin, fine hair this can cause some major breakage issues and leave your hair feeling weak and looking limp. Additionally – don’t even think about brushing your hair when it’s wet. This can snap and break hair in seconds. You’re better off waiting for your hair to dry naturally and then brushing it out.

Washing Your Hair

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday. However when you have fine, thin hair this can be a struggle. Those of us blessed with this curse usually find that our hair gets greasy far more quickly than our thicker haired peers. But washing your hair everyday can strip it of its natural oils and leave it dry which can make it prone to even more breakage – not what you want when you’re already struggling to get some volume.

When you do wash your hair try and stick to professional, salon approved shampoo and conditioners. While these are more expensive your hair will thank you by feeling softer, thicker and shinier. Make sure you check the ingredients of your shampoo and conditioner to to ensure that there are no nasty chemicals in there and if you can try and opt for one that is free of sulfates.

Treating Your Hair

 Using a strengthening hair mask or treatment once a week can really make a difference to your thin and fine hair. Whilst it may not miraculously make it thicker it will make it stronger. This strength can prevent breakages and damage to your hair. Not to mention it can improve the overall quality of your hair – making it shinier, bouncier and softer.

As well as strengthening hair masks and treatments you can also try taking supplements for your hair. Taking supplements that contain vitamin B one to two times can thicken hair and encourage growth.

Styling Your Hair 

If you can stay away from using heat whilst styling. It’s no secret that straighteners, curlers and hair dryers can do a lot of damage to your hair, even if you use heat protection. Exposing fine hair to heat can cause it to break more easily and thin even more resulting in weaker hair. Instead try and use more natural ways of styling your hair, like leaving your hair in pin curls or braids overnight for some beachy waves, add some volume with some clip-in hair extensions or give your hair a little boost with some dry shampoo.

If you make a few of these small changes and add them into your hair routine, you will definitely begin to see some improvements in your hair – not only in the way it looks but also the way it feels. While having thin, fine hair can be tough there are indeed still ways you can rock it and make your hair fabulous.

Hair Extensions

If you are looking for that weekend glam look but have thin hair, then opt for some clip in hair extensions. Extensions don’t need to be permanent, you can use them just for weekends or a special occasion which minimises any breakage of your hair. Krystellie three piece extensions are ideal for those who have thin or short hair, as they come with three pieces – one main piece and two side pieces which will even out all round your head and blend in and look very natural. They are thick but not heavy which is hard to find. Even better you won’t break the bank as they start from only £14.99!

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