Hair Mask Secrets- Guide for the Gorgeous Hair

Did you know that the Egyptian women used honey and olive oil masks to deeply condition their hair? Well, from the heat waves of summer to the chilly winds of winter, hair is part of the body that faces everything. The weather conditions plus the habits leave the hair brittle, broken, dry with split ends and rough texture. That’s exactly when hair masks walk in as the savior and also adds to the bounce as well as shine to your locks.

Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask

If you are someone who’s too skeptical about what’s better- the products available in the market or the DIY hair masks, you must try it once for yourself and find out which suits your personality.

However, if you are the one who believes that every hair mask you find on the internet is worth your hair, you must know that “everything is not meant for everyone”. Hence, you need to pay attention to what your hair type is and then prepare the hair masks. The last blog has laid down the tips to take care of your hair with keeping a check on the various lifestyle habits and this one would be focused more on the masks that can do a lot more good to your crowning glory. This guide would be your aid in restoring and nourishing your hair with the tips that can turn your dry, brittle strands to beautiful locks of Rapunzel.

  • Choose the correct hair mask for your hair type

Hair Type

Like the different personalities of women, their mane too is varied. However, who doesn’t benefit from the moisturization? Everyone does! Still, you need to be sure that what you invest in, is worth your hair type. For example, for dry hair, keratin-based masks work really good whereas; curly manes need something like coconut or avocado masks that makes them easier to manage.  Hence, look for the details before you end up only moisturizing your hair when you can enjoy much more benefits from the same.

  • Keep the weekend for these masks

We all know how hectic the weekdays and you might see the deteriorating condition of your hair day by day, keep the weekend for all the DIY methods. You might see the pollution and weather conditions hampering your locks but have the patience of finding out time on a Saturday to pamper yourself with the home-made masks. Used once a week, you’ll prepare your hair for the coming week and all the challenges/attacks that follow.

  • Make oil the base substance

Essential Oils

Whether you have naturally glamorous hair or you are someone who depends on hair extensions to bring the best of your personality to the forefront, essential oils do only good to you. So, whatever be your choice of hair mask, oil being the base of it, will help you replenish your tresses. Honey/coconut masks, avocado/coconut hair mask and many other are there for you to choose. Women with oily hair can avoid oil-based masks.

  • Never miss out the hair ends

Whether it is the split ends or the dryness, the most fragile part of your hair are the ends of the strands. When you apply the masks or even do regular conditioning, DO NOT forget to pay attention to the ends of your hair. Once you see the split ends coming, go for the trim as it was mentioned in the last blog. Worrying about the short length is not a problem because clip in hair extensions are made for times like these.

  • Do not forget to condition after the hair mask

Hair with Conditioner

Though it is mandatory for the person to shampoo and condition the hair after the mask is removed, some put a full stop to the process after shampooing itself. However, in order to remove even the smallest particles of the mask, one needs to wash it properly with both shampoo and conditioner.

It is never too late to start taking care of your hair. Though it is better to start early but a stitch in time saves nine and we hope this blog would do the needful for you.

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