Hair Extensions – A Ten Year Journey To Perfect Hair!

We all want that perfect, movie-star hair, don’t we?

Those long, flowing locks which complete our look and give us instant confidence?

If only it was that easy!

If you are like me, you have tried multiple products, multiple solutions and nothing has seemed to work. It took me TEN YEARS to find the solution but now I have the hair I always wanted.

Hi, I’m Jill. And this is the story of my hair journey.

Krystellie Hair Extensions
So my hair journey starts as most of yours probably did, I had a natural brown hair colour and wanted to experiment with highlights when I was in school.

This didn’t make a big impact so I went all out and went super blonde. My hair was slightly long but I had always had thin hair so bleaching it obviously made it worse.

I kept my blonde hair for a year or two and decided I wanted to be chocolate brown, however it all went horribly wrong as I was allergic to the hair dye and ended up with black and blue hair.

Thankfully I was ok and got my hair fixed within 2 days. I stayed away from all the hair colouring for a while as it really does effect you when you feel your hair isn’t nice.

Bad Hair Day

Okay, so I wasn’t QUITE that bad, but that’s how it feels when your hair isn’t perfect.

I got slightly older and decided blonde was actually for me, the process to get it back begun. And I wonder why I have little to no hair now…

The truth is that such is our desire for perfect hair that we take huge risks with the long term health of our hair, both with hair dye and semi-permanent hair extensions.

80% of teens go through that weird hair colour stage, my hair was so blonde so I put a violet toner over it and everyone copied that trend, so me being me took it that step further and it ended up royal blue.

My my, was that a mistake. I definitely learned the hard way with it as I never fully got rid of it by dying it black, I kept that for around a year and my hair decided to grow and became thicker which I was super excited about. I had super long clip in extensions and loved it, until I felt it was too harsh and the process to lighter began again…..

If your hair has been black and you want it blonde you will know the long process of having to have ginger hair for a while, I went through an ombre faze which I did really love but I am always one that seeks change in appearance so when I finally got it back blonde I was so happy.

After a while clip ins were a routine for me but I wanted to experiment more in the hair world, I opted for mirco loops. My hair was white blonde and I really did enjoy it for the few months I had them in as it was a different experience to wake up with hair, but let me tell you, the process of drying it was just too much for me.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

If you are lazy and lack many hours in the day then just do yourself a favour and get clip in extensions instead. I wasn’t fully aware of how much aftercare was needed and after a few months most of them had fallen out and by the time it came to getting them taken out, 30% of my own hair came out with them.

It was at this stage of my journey that the game-changing event occurred.

I finally found the way to my perfect hair without the hassle or risk of damage.

Around a year ago, my friend told me about Krystellie hair extensions.

I was so lucky to find the perfect shade, my hair was thin and broken and just by getting thick natural extensions it really did make me feel so much better about my appearance.

I finally went about it the right way and waited the right amount of weeks before lightening it up, but the great thing was because Krystellie extensions were so affordable it didn’t hurt my bank balance as much every time I went lighter and there was always a shade to suit so if I changed it and panicked that I was bald and needed extensions ASAP I knew who to rely on.

Not only that, they are super easy to fit as you can see below!



It was overall really upsetting going from thick hair to little strands. And back are the Krystellie extensions to save the day. My main point here is really do your research before spending so much money on getting extensions in. If you just want a quick solution for the weekend or occasion, then save yourself money and stress and just get clip in’s as they don’t damage your hair and once you know how to put them in to suit your hair It just becomes part of your every day routine.

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